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Pillow Talk offers counselling, coaching and therapy, specialising in love, sex and relationships. I also work with anxiety, depression, stress, body image issues and general improvement of your psychological wellbeing. 
I do skype and telephone consultations as well as face to face to face sessions. I work with singles, couples and polyamourous and multipartnered families.
Sessions are available after business hours and week ends as well as during usual business hours. 
I am based in Auckland New Zealand and I regularly travel to Rotorua, Hamilton and Tauranga and am happy to negotiate consultations at other locations.  
Counselling Coaching Therapy - what's the difference? 
Counselling, to help you tackle problems, guide your decision making and deal with challenging circumstances. 
Coaching, for ‘how to’ issues, practical help and personal support. 
Therapy, to examine your motivations and behaviour. To look more deeply at who you are, how you got here and who you want to become.  
In practice these things often overlap. There is no need to decide what you want at the onset we work with what ever is needed as things emerge.  
How do I begin?
I offer a no fee telephone consultation when I can answer your questions as well as find out a little about your concerns so we can decide if my services are likely to be able to help you.  
How long does it take?
Many clients describe sessions as intensive and I have considerable success with brief interventions to get people back on track. However for many people an ongoing regular therapeutic relation is very beneficial, others come to coaching sessions as required. I also welcome single session clients who are simply seeking information on a particular question. 
How much does it cost? 
Standard Consultations:1 hour $145
1 and 1/2 hours $200 
Don't let lack of money stop you from getting the help you need. Enquire about my payment options. 
As well as week to week sessions we offer a variety of service packages that address common concerns. These are designed to achieve particular goals and to make the most of your time. There is a discount offered for those who book and pay for the package in advance.
For couples who want to reach their sexual potential, reinvigorate a long term relationship, or explore their sexual boundaries.
Commitment: One solo session each. One session a week for four weeks with both.
Cost: Full price $870  Pre pay $775
For when you have leaving on your mind – but just can’t decide what to do.
Instead of using a standard pros and cons approach you will be guided through a diagnostic of your relationship that will illuminate the things you need to know to make the choice that is right for you.
Commitment: Five sessions, between two and five weeks.
Cost: Full price $770  Pre pay $745
Are you uncomfortable talking to your teens about sex? Believe me, they don’t want to talk to you about it either. I can help. My approach is to put emotional issues, self-respect and respect for others at the forefront of the discussion. Within this context and depending on the age, maturity and curiosity of your teen, and in consultation with you, the discussions cover everything from biology, sexual health and safety, sexual orientation, masturbation, first time experiences and sexual pleasure. Teens also want to talk about love and relationships, getting a date, getting dumped, drugs, depression, your divorce, their body image, bulling and abuse, how much school sucks, how much home sucks, and any number of issues new technology is bringing up. This service is not intended to be a substitute for your parenting but a conduit and aid for a particularly challenging time.
Commitment: Open.
Cost: First session with parent/s caregiver/s to determine the content and extent of the sessions $145 – 1 hour. Teen sessions $85 – 30 to 45 minutes.