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Welcome to Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk is a unique personal development service offering counselling, coaching and therapy specialising in love, sex and relationships. Take a journey through your sexual psyche achieve stronger relationships, deeper love and better sex. 
What ever your age, gender, sexual orientation or practices, always inclusive and non judgmental. Pillow Talk is here for you.
If you are new to love or tired of it, looking to understand yourself or improve your relationships, having problems in the bedroom or want to turn a good sex life into a great one.
If you suffer anxiety or guilt, think no one understands your choices and desires or have trouble accepting and expressing your sexuality.
If fidelity or body confidence issues are making you unhappy.
If emotional or sexual abuse or violence are part of your life, now or in the past.
...or if you just want to talk. Pillow Talk is here for you.
Colleen Mullin
Therapist, Coach, Counsellor, director of Pillow Talk